Globalmediapro reliability and affordability
Globalmediapro recognizes the need for affordable and reliable professional equipment, especially during the current hard economic times.

Globalmediapro batteries and chargers are famous for their reliability as well as their low prices and provide videographers worldwide the opportunity to power their cameras without having to cut down on other important equipment such as cameras and lenses.

Globalmediapro batteries for RED cameras
Back in 2008, Globalmediapro was quick to offer batteries specifically designed for RED cameras. There currently are three models 160, 190 and 230WH and two new model are being developed: 2 x 95WH Buddy System and 95WH high power model. In 2010 Globalmediapro's R series was sucessfully tested with new RED Epic and RED Scarlet cameras.
Globalmediapro eShop
The Globalmediapro eShop provides the unique possibility to see cross-brand compatibility connections between products. Each product page on the website shows a list of Compatible Products.
Batteries in action

Globalmediapro Batteries Power First DSLR TV Drama

Globalmediapro V-lock batteries have been used to power the first television drama project filmed on DSLR.
The Norwegian show, Dags Univers, is believed to be the first to shoot a complete drama series on a DSLR. The ten-part series is a dark comedy and is currently shooting in Olso.
Working with DSLR-video - Håvar Karlsen